Custom Necklaces

  • The clients, a prominent family in Jaipur, wanted a matha patti (an Indian-style headpiece), a paayal (a thin anklet with bells) and a necklace, all to fit the theme of a wedding they were about to attend. “The family told me which designer would make the bride’s clothes,” he said, “and we started working on the custom necklacs designs that would match the sensibility of the clothing designer.”

    The pieces were fashioned from 22-karat gold set with diamonds, rubies and emeralds, all high-quality stones cut in a rose style with a flat bottom. That way, he said, they would possess all the sparkle possible without any extra weight, making them comfortable for the child to wear.

    The task, as it turned out, took more than three months to complete. “The process of finalizing the design itself took about a month and a half,” Mr. Arora said.