Personalized Necklace

  • You’ve probably never heard of Name Necklace , but it’s likely you’ve seen its work. For decades custom Necklace has designed and manufactured jewelry for several big retailers.

    Now, the East Providence jewelry maker has its own direct-to-consumer jewelry line to make up for a changing retail landscape that is dotted with big box store closures.

    “We’ve noticed changes in spending,” explained Jennifer Brousseau, the Executive Vice President of LDC. “We might have had a large customer ordering 10 palates of product monthly. It’s reduced down to two or three.”

    So to stay relevant and competitive, Brousseau and her sister-in-law, Alexys Garrepy, Director of Sales, launched the company’s first-ever direct-to-consumer product line.

    “If people are going direct to consumers, like boutique shops and online, we have to be there too,” Garrepy said. “It’s how we’re evolving.”