In the field of Internet sports

  • With the closing of the Rio Olympic Games, people enthusiasm for sporting events once again reached an unprecedented height. According to authoritative statistics, in 2014 China's sports market has reached 1.36 trillion yuan, is expected to reach 3 trillion yuan by 2020, the average annual compound growth rate of more than 14%. In the face of huge business interests, the major Internet companies have landed landing, the layout of the sports industry, especially for the top sports IP this scarce resource is to enter the white hot state Forza Horizon 3 Credits. As one of the world's top football league La Liga (Spanish Football League) is its top influence and commercial value by the major Internet companies compete for competition. This is not only the interests of the war, but also a proof of their own strength of the war.

    In the field of Internet sports, music as sports on the copyright of the amazing fanaticism has been relish for the industry. At present, the music has been holding the European four major football league and the Champions League broadcast rights, NCAA this season's Final 4 game, CBA the next two seasons of broadcast rights, as well as racing F1 and MotoGP, tennis field WTA and ATP broadcast rights. Music as the sports business model for the industry was surprised at the same time, also attracted a lot of questions: popular tournament copyright fees in the domestic soaring, behind the inevitable lack of capital speculation. Although in March this year, music sports has just completed the B round of financing 8 billion yuan, but for the soaring royalties, still just a drop in the bucket, a single rely on capital buyout backward mode music sports and not to adapt to the emerging "Internet + sports". Particularly noteworthy is that music as sports in the tournament to get the copyright are broadcast rights, which will mean that music is not the right to watch the gold IP secondary development and use. Such a can not get a return on investment behavior, but also no wonder the shop will be music as "sports" and "buy the emperor" joke.