My partner Charles Thomas Munge

  • A: China is a huge market and there are more possibilities because of its size. My partner Charles Thomas Munge looks at China a lot. We focus on not price but valuation of companies. We do close research on the companies and try to buy the whole business when we invest. During the last 50 years, the population grew rapidly in China and it was full of talent and people resources Albion Online Silver. Some interruptions will not disturb its development. China and the US will become two superpower economies in the future. We do appreciate big investment opportunities in China as this country has more chances.

    Q:You are one of the richest men in the world, as well as one of the most generous. What is your view of wealth? Is it established at the very beginning at a young age, or is it developed through different phases of your life?

    A:This is a good question, about money. Money can buy most things, but it cannot buy time and love. I have only one thing that can count as luxury—a private jet. Other things are the same as yours. Money has no utility beyond certain point and the usage is the same to everyone. Charity can change life of many people. My wife and I both agree that we should spend money to solve the important societal problems. For example, universities in the US have external funding, but the diseases curing in Africa may not have funding.

      Money can bring many interesting experiences. I enjoy this game of investing. However, more stuff does not mean happier. Money cannot buy love. When people try to control their kids through money, it may bring disasters. I believe taking care of family is very important.