Runescape Old School Wintertodt Rewards

  • The Wintertodt is on the way and, of course, adventurers brave enough to take on the wintery beast should be rewarded. This week we'll be running content poll #46, including questions about Wintertodt rewards, superior slayer encounters, the Blast Furnace and lots more!  

    Wintertodt Rewards
    The Wintertodt is a mysterious, incorporeal being that attacked the city of Kourend many years in the past. Locked behind the Doors of Dinh, the beast has remained mostly dormant for over 1,000 years.
    The enchantment cast upon the Doors of Dinh to keep the Wintertodt at bay has started to fail, with the safety of Great Kourend falling to the hands of the Arceuus mages. The mages need all the help they can get in order to keep the Wintertodt imprisoned.
    Your usual forms of combat aren't effective against the Wintertodt due to its incorporeal form. Instead, it must be held back by channelling the heat of magic fires into the Wintertodt itself. You can help with this process using various skills, including Agility, Construction, Farming, Firemaking, Fletching, Herblore and Woodcutting.
    The Wintertodt will be making its way in game before RuneFest this year. If you're able to contribute to the protection of Great Kourend, you will be rewarded with experience in the skills used. You'll also have a chance of being awarded the following rewards:
    rs gold

    The Pyromancer outfit is what you might expect: a 4-piece outfit which gives you a small amount of bonus experience when firemaking.
    Much like similar outfits available for other skills, each individual piece provides a small increase to experience earned, with a bonus for having the entire set equipped:
    Pyromancer hat - 0.4% bonus
    Pyromancer top - 0.8% bonus
    Pyromancer legs - 0.6% bonus
    Pyromancer boots - 0.2% bonus
    With the full set equipped you will receive an additional 0.5% experience when training Firemaking.
    The pyromancer's outfit will be untradeable and accessible for both ironmen and ultimate ironmen. Each piece of the outfit will be earned individually.
    Question: Should the pyromancer outfit, a 4-piece set which gives a 2.5% experience boost to Firemaking, be one of the potential rewards from the Wintertodt?
    Tome of Fire
    The Tome of Fire is a book equipped in the shield slot. This book provides +8 Magic attack and defence, as well as two additional effects when charged:
    Acts as unlimited fire runes.
    Increases the max hit of fire spells by 50%.
    The Tome of Fire can be charged with pages earned in the battle against the Wintertodt. One page gives the Tome of Fire 20 charges. One charge is lost for every fire spell cast with the Tome of Fire equipped.
    The Tome of Fire and the pages used to charge it will be tradeable.
    Question: Should the Tome of Fire be a potential reward from the Wintertodt? The Tome of Fire provides +8 Magic attack and defence, can be charged to provide unlimited fire runes and increases the max hit of fire spells by 50% when equipped.

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