Some features of learning process in Canada


    Canadian learning process has some features. The first major difference is a free choice by students of most courses. Students do not have clear timetable or groups that form the university administration. The student chooses courses that will study during the semester. Of course, there are required courses that every student should learn to graduation, but even here there is a choice: the student chooses in what they teach academic semester, and if the exchange rate are a few teachers, you can choose a teacher and hour in which convenient at this subject.


    Next difference is a visibility study. Each audience has a computer and a projector used for each pair, not needed. Teachers have the possibility to carry out a short online survey directly to vapor in the explanation of the material. This helps to engage actively in the learning process and better understand and remember the material lectures. After all, the students always have the opportunity to write an e-mail the teacher, and the teacher will answer in a short time. In addition, with the manufacturing ONECard, all students create e-mail domain with a university that provides access to all electronic resources. They can easily prepare their individual tasks and have no need to pay someone to write an essay.


    Graduate students have access to important literature of specialties. To access the library does not need to make any membership card; ONECard is also used for a library. Everyone can find the right book at the library in less than 5 minutes, and they can do it at home. Most of the books can be ordered and taken home for a few weeks.