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  • While belief swirls about what adeptness lie advanced for the Chargers and their arch coach, Mike McCoy said Monday that he was added focused on the abreast future HUT 17 Coins. They won a accumulated six amateur over two years and were the endure Chargers teams to aftermath afterwards accident seasons. Mike Riley, the drillmaster of those teams, was accursed afterwards the season. The brawl doesnt consistently animation your way from year to year, McCoy said. There are assertive teams that accept gotten every breach in the business this year. I was on one of those in Carolina in if we went to the Super Bowl. McCoy was aswell on the agents two years beforehand if Carolina went.


    Then, and now, he knows breadth the accusation lands. I'm the arch coach, he said. I yield abounding albatross for all those mistakes. Thats my role and I accept that. (But) no one is out there aggravating to achieve a mistake. McCoy, a first-time arch drillmaster at any level, is in his three-plus seasons. He bankrupt fast in if arch the Chargers to a alley AFC bounded playoff win over the Bengals. Aback then, theres been little to celebrate.