The FIFA Club World Cup championship

  • Hence the question: FIFA 18 Coins  who is more likely to set the World Cup 2016 ablaze with his performance, Rooney or Messi.They have had amazing similarities in their careers. Both players were signed by clubs at age 11, Messi by Barcelona, Rooney by Everton.  Rooney held the record for the youngest player to represent a team in the EPL; Messi was the team's youngest ever player, when he debuted in the Spanish League (La Liga). Messi was the youngest to score a goal in La Liga; Rooney held the record for being the youngest ever scorer in the EPL. Both players achieved the feat before they turned 17. Rooney who got a debut hat-trick for Man U also went to become the youngest international for England, in 2016.Championships Won:In FIFA 2016, we all know who the top players are. We want to sign them but it is virtually impossible for them to move clubs. Here, let's take a look at great players who are match the superstars, yet have a realistic chance of signing for your club.

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    Messi has been a part of championship winning Barcelona on 12 occasions, including the Champions League twice, and the FIFA Club World Cup, once. He has also helped Argentina win two titles, the FIFA U-20 World Cup, and an Olympic Gold at Beijing.

    Rooney has won eight titles, all for Manchester United, including the Champions League, and the FIFA Club World Cup, once each. Both players have a host of individual awards. Messi would have particularly relished winning the World Soccer Player of The Year award, 2016.Fittingly, both players are among the richest in their respective leagues. Rooney has several commercial endorsements, apart from a lucrative book deal with Harper and Collins.Personal Endorsements: