SOLID PLATINUM 18 Karats in fifa

  • SO , just to clarify, in case that soccer trophy; Buy FIFA 18 Coins which big golden earth held up by two small man athletes shows up in our ambitions it could be interpreted to signify we have accomplished a great deal, nevertheless must keep on striving. This brings to mind the legendary and late BOB Marley, who wrote many some sort of burning lyric to strengthen typically the fight for freedom that was held back in the 60s & 1970's, 80s & still. With Bobs memorial celebration as well as funeral, his wife Rita Marley wore a soccer ball cap that said "WE HAVE TO CARRY ON"

    How real that was and what courage Rita showed to lead us onward, as she buried her husband and the whole worlds friend even. The struggle would not end with Bob Marley, but many battles were many and won more have been won since. Bob must have also been so proud when Newcastle, south africa was made a democracy in which included all of the humans in which lived there and also any time Nelson Mandella was given the freedom back after generations of being locked up in dejecting prison. Freedom was gained about many fronts, but as the world knows, freedom must be again fought for again &.

    But I digress. Ambitions around that trophy, which often by the way is SOLID PLATINUM 18 Karats, represent the financial arena also, which often of course is a very important subject, when we are talking about Africa especially. Though Africa remains the accepted place on earth where the most insufferable human poverty, violence and corruption imaginable is vastly ignored by the rest of the world still, Africa is the richest country on earth also! When you look at the diamond, gold and oil assets of Africa, it is hard to imagine how that will wealth is not making is actually way to the people. Not the particular mothers, not the educational schools or hospitals, the streets or public health infrastructures.