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Students with average or lower scores should not apply only to top-ranked schools. If you're counting on special connections to get you into medical school, you will more than likely be disappointed. This strategy rarely works, particularly now when only 30 to 40 percent of applicants are accepted to top-ranked schools nationally.

Cast a wide net. Naturally, the more secondary applications you submit, the greater your chances of being accepted. Your best bet is to apply to all the state schools within the state you reside and most, if not all, osteopathic schools. Additionally, visit the Medical Student Admissions Requirements on the AAMC website to find which in-state and out-of-state private schools matriculate high percentages of out-of-state students.

Be sure your experiences are balanced. Although your application may demonstrate a breadth of experience with shadowing, volunteering, research, leadership, hobbies and other key categories, consider the number of hours you are reporting for each.